5-6 juil. 2018 Strasbourg (France)

A la crête entre biologie et médecine



At the crest of biology and medicine - at the periphery of the national frontiers - the most interesting things happen when boundaries are crossed.

Mouse adrenal medulla labelled by Wnt1Cre;R26R-LacZ

Adrenal gland of a Wnt1-Cre ; R26R-LacZ mouse.

Photo (c) H. Etchevers


THANK YOU to our attendees!

If you came, YOU made it a fruitful meeting.

Thank you in particular to the dozens of people who made their substantive contributions as speakers, authors of posters, helpers of setting up, errand-runners, purveyors of expertise in conversations, volunteers for future initiatives of CREST-NET, question-askers and general ambassadors of good will. Not all of your generosity featured by name in the programme, but we recognize and will always need it.

Next stop, coming soon:


Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer and look for further information about our activities soon in your inbox. The website will also feature a way to enroll for our mailing list and the easy incorporation of newcomers in our network.

With gratitude from the organisers,

Agnès, Sophie, Jean-Loup, Heather

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